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About Auxillis

Established in 1992 Auxillis Limited and Auxillis Services Limited are part of the FTSE 250 listed Redde Northgate, which specialises in accident management support, legal services, fleet management and policy fulfilment services.

With over a quarter of a century of experience and expertise Auxillis provides customers involved in fault and non-fault accidents with replacement vehicles and repair management services, also providing insurance and legal services. At a glance:

  • Contact centre operation in Peterlee provides 24/7 customer support
  • Customer portal providing secure online service and case tracking
  • Fleet of 13,000 owned vehicles, 60 vehicle types
  • 30 branches strategically located across the UK
  • 600 drivers, 50 transporters achieving 99% delivery and 94% collection SLA
  • Repair network of over 300 bodyshops completing 161,000 repairs

Auxillis Limited

Auxillis Limited is the main point of contact and assists customers throughout the delivery of services. It provides an insurance policy that supports the hire and repair services, deals with claims against the person or parties responsible for the accident and organises the hire vehicle and vehicle repair services. Any questions or issues should be raised with Auxillis Limited on 0344 5719280.

Auxillis Services Ltd

Auxillis Services Limited provides the credit hire and credit repair funding for the hire vehicle and repairs and all consumer contracts will be with Auxillis Services Limited.

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Auxillis Brand

This is a brand name used by both Auxillis Limited and Auxillis Services Limited in many communications and marketing activities.